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A market research consultant looks deep into data, markets and history

How a Market Research Consultant Can Help You Uncover Your Brand’s Potential

Market research gives you marketing intel and helps you develop…
A sales consultant helps you build your sales team, the people for whom we design marketing materials

How a Sales Consultant Can Help More Customers Learn About Your Brand

Mindspin designs your brand identity and marketing tools. Sales…
A pricing strategy consultant helps you strategically price your products and services so we can market them

How a Pricing Consultant Can Help Your Brand Compete

Pricing your products and services can be a difficult task.…
Chef Nancy Henley, our client and an entrepreneur in the Hamilton area

Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs in our Hamilton Community Share Their Stories

In honour of International Women’s Day, we wanted to take…
A business plan consultant helps your business start with a good strategy so we can market it

How a Business Plan Consultant Can Help Build Your Corporate Strategy

A sound business plan can provide clarity during the launch…
All businesses, even small- and mid-size ones, can use digital marketing to attract customers

Digital Advertising for Boutique Brands

As social media channels continue to develop their digital…