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Website maintenance keeps your website working optimally

Why Website Maintenance is Best Managed by a Marketing Professional 

Scaling your business requires implementing several marketing…
Connecting with your target audience's heart and mind takes a good brand strategy.

Brand Strategy – The Effective Way to Successfully Grow Your Brand

Think of your brand as an evolving story. A story that can…
Effective use of social media to promote your blog can bring more traffic to your website.

How to Brilliantly Rule Social Media Marketing

Core datapoints were reviewed and updated February, 2021.…
A legal consultant helps to protect the brand assets we design for you

How a Legal Advisor Can Protect Your Brand

Some brands don’t understand the value of a legal advisor…
A public relations consultant helps your business present well to the public

How a PR Consultant Can Help Your Brand Gain Publicity

Regardless of industry, public relations is a useful connection…
A market research consultant looks deep into data, markets and history

How a Market Research Consultant Can Help You Uncover Your Brand’s Potential

Market research gives you marketing intel and helps you develop…
A sales consultant helps you build your sales team, the people for whom we design marketing materials

How a Sales Consultant Can Help More Customers Learn About Your Brand

Mindspin designs your brand identity and marketing tools. Sales…
A pricing strategy consultant helps you strategically price your products and services so we can market them

How a Pricing Consultant Can Help Your Brand Compete

Pricing your products and services can be a difficult task.…
Chef Nancy Henley, our client and an entrepreneur in the Hamilton area

Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs in our Hamilton Community Share Their Stories

In honour of International Women’s Day, we wanted to take…
A business plan consultant helps your business start with a good strategy so we can market it

How a Business Plan Consultant Can Help Build Your Corporate Strategy

A sound business plan can provide clarity during the launch…
All businesses, even small- and mid-size ones, can use digital marketing to attract customers

Digital Advertising for Boutique Brands

As social media channels continue to develop their digital…
Person researching and writing for a content writing and blog writing service

A Corporate Content and Blog Writing Service Can Rejuvenate Your Brand

The written content that is featured in your brand assets —…
Search engines use backlinks and citations as a measure of website content quality

Citations and SEO 101: A Guide for Boutique Brands

An external backlink is a link from one website to another…
A company naming service can illuminate the best name ideas for your brand

Naming your Company, Product or Service

Creating a name for your company, product or service is important.…
Supercharge your business growth with content sharing

The Benefits of Content Sharing for SEO

With a focus on providing a great user experience and attracting…
Strategic creative thinking involves deep idea exploration

Customer Connection Through Strategic Creative Thinking

The idea that your product or service can speak for itself…
Strategic branding meeting with several people discussing the business vision

Clear Business Vision Enables Strategic Branding

Strategic branding and marketing won’t magically carry a…
Social marketing involves the creation of blog posts and interesting media

The Importance of Content Marketing and Blogging

Content marketing is the distribution of valuable, relevant…
A woman is searching online. Google will list websites with the best on-page SEO.

How to Master On-Page SEO

On-page SEO (search engine optimization) is a set of technical…
SEO advertising strategy report

Top Tips to Supercharge Your Online Advertising

Online advertising offers brands the opportunity to supplement…
Link building

The Boutique Business Guide to Link-building and SEO

Link-building is an essential element of every successful SEO…
Brand launch - START

5 Top Tips to Overcome Your Brand Launch Fears

Whether you are launching a boutique brand, investing in a…
Content marketing on tablet

7 SEO Metrics to Help You Nail Content Marketing

Maximizing SEO takes time and involves an ongoing commitment…
Video and photo editing

Discover Your Creative Direction and Master Video Marketing

Visual media marketing is more important now than ever before. Video…
Working online to improve SEO

Make Friends and Influence Buyers with Hot Blog Content

Blog writing often gets overlooked, or neglected in favour…
Printed magazines and print literature

Advantages of Unique Print Literature in Modern Marketing

The launch of the iPhone in 2008 could have spelt the end for…
SEO optimization - keywords, links, research

A Quick Lesson on SEO for Small Businesses

Whether you’re launching a new brand or looking to improve…
Logo and Design

The Importance of a Killer Logo

Your logo is the ‘face’ of your company. Intrinsically…
Blank paper ready to create brand design and brand trust

Brand Trust: Why Does it Matter?

Your brand is far more than just a logo; it is the combination…
Keys to website security

HTTPS and SSL: The Benefits of Encrypting Your Site

With the digital landscape changing constantly and costly updates…
Brand audit

Five Reasons Why Your Company will Benefit From a Brand Experience Audit

Forbes has described brand as the most valuable asset a business…
Website maintenance

Website Maintenance: Essential to the Health of Your Business

Back when HTML reigned supreme, the average consumer couldn’t…
Small business consultant makes running a business easier

The Advantages of Hiring a Small Business Consultant

With the impact of startups like Facebook still making ripples…
Mobile website redesign

Are You Mobile? A Website Redesign Could Bolster Your Brand

It might have been around for only a generation, but the Internet…
Storefront sign graphic design by Mindspin Studio for a retail venue in Brantford, Ontario

Experts Can Help You Make Your Brand More Recognizable

  Most business owners have a clearly defined set of…
Advertising concept, photo shoot direction and graphic design for Millards, Brantford, Ontario

Making Marketing Fun

The need to have fun or be fun is built into our human DNA. When…
Trade show booth branding graphic design and photo editing by Mindspin Studio for Apogee Ceramics

Breaking All the Rules

As branding managers, our years of experience have taught…
Brochure and graphic design by Mindspin Studio for City of Brantford, Hamilton, Ontario

Giving Your Clients a Brand Experience

  One reason some branding and marketing strategies work and…
Graphic design for event billboard by Mindspin Studio

The Benefits of Being Exclusive

Previously, we talked about strategies to make your brand…
Branding, brochure and graphic design by Mindspin Studio for Kneaded Care, Brantford Ontario

Small Business, Big Player

In the branding and marketing world, the biggest struggle…