The Value of Fun in Marketing


The need to have or be fun is built into our DNA. So naturally, sometimes we need fun marketing too.

When things get too serious, people become uncomfortable and don’t know how to react appropriately. An element of light-heartedness relaxes the mood and reminds the consumer that we are all human. It bridges the gap between the person selling and the person buying, and makes the entire exchange a more personable experience.

How to Implement Fun in Marketing

Marketing is at its core a creative process. Approaching your message in an unexpected way or by infusing a sense of humour into your strategy is one way to draw in an audience who will be delighted by your down-to-earth sales approach.

If you watch any modern television commercials, you see plenty of examples of products being sold in a way that “gets the sillies out.” This is a great way to engage consumers without ignoring the fact that you are essentially promoting your wares in a space where they dry advertisements aren’t welcome. Nobody likes to watch commercials, but a commercial that has entertainment value is tolerable, and if it really makes you laugh it will be memorable. You can adopt this same concept into your strategic branding, and go further faster by adopting this method.

Personality Makes a Product Relatable

Another benefit that comes with introducing elements of fun to your brand identity is the opportunity to carve out a distinct brand personality. Essentially, brands need to have identities that reflect human qualities, for example, attractiveness, relatability, and humour. Incorporating these elements makes your company more relatable and less intimidating, which encourages that ever-important brand loyalty.

There are so many great examples that we could use to demonstrate this principle in practice. Think of some of your favourite campaigns from the last few years. The “Old Spice Guy” commercials are a great example. Remember “the man your man could smell like?” Have marketers become comedians or have comedians become marketers? Who knows, but either way, every once in a while some brand campaigns become immensely memorable because of their humour. If appropriate for your brand, this playful nature is something to consider building into your own approach as you grow your business.

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