The Value of Fun in Marketing

The value of fun in marketing.

Some of the most loved and remembered marketing campaigns integrate fun and storytelling. Still, some executives might avoid this, thinking fun means frivolous or immature content. What it really means is infusing your marketing with joy and life.

The need for fun is built into our DNA. It’s unlikely people would prefer a serious, heavy-handed marketing tactic over a bit of levity. In reality, people are generally less interested in dryly presented company-centred facts than engaging and entertaining emotion-centred storytelling. The latter is what fosters brand ambassadors and word-of-mouth marketing that multiplies leads.

So, why do so many marketing campaigns feel serious and humdrum?

The main reason is the belief that sticking to customary strategies results in some measure of success without ruffling any feathers. In fact, Oracle’s 2022 global report found that most businesses are afraid to use humour when interacting with customers because they aren’t willing to chance alienating their audience.

How can fun in marketing be risky?

Breaking the rules in the marketing rulebook comes with a risk inexperienced marketers may not want to take. Yet, when done with your target audience in mind and a consistent brand voice, having fun with your marketing materials isn’t risky at all. It’s when marketers aren’t reading the room that messaging falls flat. But that’s where marketing consulting can help your brand develop a voice that speaks directly to your customers and prospects.

Accounting firms can have fun in marketing, too.
Mindspin infused this accounting firm’s advertising imagery with a touch of fun and personality. Instead of traditional, dry imagery, using recognizable team members with simple profitability graphics in the background invites their community into the conversation.

Before you start cracking jokes

Marketing is, at its core, a creative process. Approaching your message in an unexpected way or by infusing a sense of humour into your strategy is one way to draw in an audience who will be delighted by your engaging sales approach.

Marketo, Slack, LinkedIn and Mailchimp are just a few B2B brands that infuse fun in their marketing. Some, like Slack, do it all the time, while others choose specific campaigns or mediums to unleash their inner sassy pants. What these brands have in common is a deep understanding of their customers. So, before you start cracking jokes, you need to do a little research.

Read the room

While your product might be serious, your marketing doesn’t have to. In fact, Oracle’s report shares that almost half of respondents don’t feel connected to a brand unless it makes them smile or laugh. Want to know how many brands take advantage of that? Less than 18 percent use humour in their digital marketing.

Get the data

Do your market research and get educated on what your customers want. How do they respond to your posts? How do your competitors respond to their audience? Ask them what they like and what they don’t like. When you have insight into your customers, you can be confident that your jokes will land.

Personality makes a product relatable

Another benefit that comes with introducing elements of fun to your brand identity is the opportunity to carve out a distinct brand personality. Essentially, brands need identities that reflect human qualities like relatability and humour. Incorporating these elements builds a stronger connection with your audience, encouraging that ever-important brand loyalty.

Humour is a great way to promote your products while engaging your customers. Nobody likes content-interrupting commercials, but marketing with entertainment value that makes people laugh will be memorable.

Ways to implement fun in marketing

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas to consider.

Whatever you decide to implement, carefully auditing reactions to your humour is the best guide to bringing the fun in. An experienced marketing partner backed by a team of talented copywriters might be just the thing your brand needs to get the job done. Get to know the Mindspin team by booking your fun in marketing consultation today.

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