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Get your website working for you with online marketing including content creation, lead generation campaigns and search engine optimization

Website and landing pages + Ongoing content creation + Organic search + Paid search + Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) + Search Engine Optimization (SEO) + Social Media Marketing (SMM) + Event sponsorship and publication advertising + Email marketing

Start building marketing momentum that gains market traction

The power of high-quality digital marketing

Do you have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy?

Are your marketing efforts leveraging the best current online and offline resources? Online marketing has the potential to help your business reach more customers than ever before. Piecemeal efforts have limited reach, however. An ongoing marketing program that’s reassessed annually is where the magic happens. Working with a digital marketing agency makes this easy.

As Hamilton’s digital marketing agency, we ensure that the right tools are implemented in the right way to maximize the impact of your marketing efforts. We work to understand your business and audience to implement the unique online digital marketing strategies that support your success. We strategize to unlock the synergy of both pay-per-click advertising and SEO marketing to maintain a high ranking and drive web traffic. Our digital marketing services create new content for web, social media, and email marketing which come together to reach your target audience and let your brand stand out.

What we do to grow your business

Mindspin’s online marketing program achieves three key goals. Firstly, it reaches new audiences. Secondly, it increases your website popularity. Finally, it captures leads for your sales team.

Assessment & Strategy

Mindspin reviews your existing marketing initiatives, short-term conversion goals and long-term business goals. This clarifies what you hope to achieve and the marketing budget. We work with you to outline a strategy, including keyword analysis, website audit, content strategy and advertising plan. We may recommend new online networking platforms, social media, video content and article content to help you reach your goals.

Site Optimization

We’ll take a look at your website and online profiles to ensure that your content is consistently branded and highly visible. Your website content and structure are audited and optimized to better support your online marketing goals. We can create landing page systems and print literature, implement online advertising and update your social profiles to drive more traffic and improve conversion.

Fresh Content Creation

Fresh creative content provides important information to prospects and customers. But even more, new content serves as a marketing device, social booster and brand enhancer. Content can be created in various ways, including photos, videos and infographics. Mindspin produces strategic content with a defined conversion goal directed to a targeted audience.


Without a doubt, establishing benchmarks and tracking results over time provides invaluable insights. As a result, we can refine the online marketing program in response to real activity. Indeed, priorities change over time. Has your sales focus changed? What about your competitors? Are they more aggressive? Have search engine algorithms changed? Mindspin helps make sense of it all. With this intention, we can get the best results.

Effectively connect with prospects using strategic and measurable online marketing

Share fresh content in order to attract new audiences via social media, paid search and organic search

Introduce products and services via your email list, leading to successful sales

Maintain website authority and traffic with SEO and marketing

Track data on website traffic, conversions and sales leads

Your online presence must support business credibility and create top-of-mind awareness. At the same time, it can do so much more. Without a doubt, reporting provides a clear view of the effectiveness of your online presence. Mindspin’s ongoing online marketing program fuels continued online success.


“The value of our website to our customers has improved 100%. It’s given our property a higher level of visibility. And the content management system is very usable from our end. Communication is timely and fantastic, and it’s always a very positive experience dealing with you.”

–Cindy, Inn and Conference Center

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