Marketing Consulting

What would it be like to have a virtual CMO?

The benefit of supportive marketing consulting

Take advantage of marketing consulting services to guide your brand strategy.

Realize the marketing and management consultancy benefits of having a chief marketing officer without the expense and commitment. CMO-level consulting services let you draw on industry-leading experience to craft brand and marketing strategies for your business. As your marketing consultant, we work with your leadership to identify your audience, develop strategies to reach them, and achieve marketing success.

Receive the brand consultant support you need throughout product development, launch, scaling, and more. Accurately target your customers and reach investors, partners, and other parties. Build a lasting partnership with a marketing consultant who knows your company and your goals, developing the strategies and initiatives that guide your business to success. Ready to level up by partnering with Hamilton’s marketing agency?

Sales and marketing are closely tied—breaking siloed thinking propels your company strategically

A marketing consultant can act similarly to a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), leading brand management and marketing communications, and collaborating with sales and customer success. Mindspin’s marketing consulting service offers experience and critical thinking that dives deeper into your company strategy.

Marketing consultancy leadership

Navigating the launch of a business startup, brand overhaul or new market niche can be overwhelming. You already have to juggle product development, sales, customer service, investors and more. Marketing changes fast, and the changes and complexities can be overwhelming if you’re not always deep in it. When we partner with you, we take leadership of the marketing program, reducing your workload. Everything we do is to help your business grow.

Collaborative partnership

High-level marketing requires open communication between marketing, sales, customer experience and product development. Partnering with Mindspin provides you with senior-marketing reasoning that thinks more holistically. Our founder, Tanja Groos, works personally with you, providing alternate ways of looking at situations and recommendations as budget, market or product changes occur. Her feedback is candid, and her communication is patient. The critical value of integrated strategy, analytical thinking and fresh perspective is hard to ignore.


“Tanja always partners her work with a sound business plan and astute communications fully supporting quality and growth in my business. She is an extremely good listener, interpreter and very intuitive which keeps my vision as the client in the picture at all times while growing it to the best visual scale.”

–Nancy, Boutique Cooking School

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