Why Partner With a Marketing Business Consultant

Grow your business with the support of a marketing business consultant.

With the impact of startups like Airbnb still making ripples in the entrepreneurial pond, you could be forgiven for thinking that youth and a good idea are all you need for business success.

Of course, as fresh-faced graduates, they didn’t build a multi-billion dollar multinational without the experience of dedicated professionals behind them. Your funded startup might not be their rival quite yet, but a marketing business consultant may be what you need to fast-track market penetration and sales growth.

Lead your marketing program

The current marketing landscape can be daunting for new business owners. Social sharing sites and consumer behaviour have changed drastically over the past decade and marketing has changed with it. The support of a marketing consultant is invaluable to business owners as they come to grips with marketing fundamentals, online advertising, social media, modern email marketing and SEO.

Trying to manage marketing yourself or hiring an in-house team doesn’t always work out. Trends in marketing are constantly evolving, and busy executives can’t be expected to stay on top of them all while running their business and developing new products. In fact, according to a Semrush survey, almost 94 percent of business owners hire professionals for some or all of their marketing needs.

Marketing business consultants provide insights for achieving business growth goals.
Marketing business consultants offer executives an outside perspective, helping to alleviate stress and provide new insights for achieving business growth goals.

An experienced CMO-like consultant can lead your marketing program and identify the channels best suited to your company. They can advise on using tried-and-true marketing tactics or trying a new approach. With years of experience across multiple sectors, a business consultant is indispensable when it comes to establishing and managing marketing budgets, identifying appropriate opportunities and advising on the multitude of other marketing decisions that face new businesses today.

Proactively support your goals

Don’t underestimate the importance of a sounding board for ideas, especially if you are the only one sitting at your executive table. Having a marketing business consultant available to discuss your ideas will help you stay focused, drive your business forward and avoid common mistakes.

For new partners or directors of a small corporation, an impartial consultant can be invaluable for breaking deadlocks—saving your company and friendships. A neutral party, dedicated to the success of your business but not emotionally involved, can make all the difference in those difficult first few years.

Mature businesses also benefit from the expertise of an external marketing consultancy. With access to your high-level sales goals while leading your marketing program, a good consultant can proactively identify problem areas, efficiency improvement opportunities, relevant market niches and plans for goal achievement.

Partner with a marketing business consultant

Whether a business is pre-launch, in its first year or its tenth, having a marketing professional with experience in multiple industries sitting at the executive table can make a significant difference to the success of an enterprise. They provide access to a wealth of knowledge and give you proactive, professional advice tailored to promoting the success of your brand.

So, how do you know if you’re ready for a marketing business consultant?

  1. You’ve gotten funding and are ready to scale.
  2. You want to expand your brand reach.
  3. You’ve tried to attain your marketing goals but aren’t seeing success.
  4. You aren’t generating quality leads, and your audience isn’t self-qualifying before contacting you.

Do any of those sound like your current business situation? Contact Mindspin today to book a consultation and discover how we can help.

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