Why a Recognizable Brand Identity is Essential

Why a Recognizable Brand Identity is Essential for Success.

Most business owners clearly understand their company beliefs and goals, which drive business results. However, translating these into a recognizable brand identity and then marketing that brand requires additional expertise and strategy.

A recognizable brand identity relies heavily on imagery and text. They immediately denote what you want your customers to know about your brand.

Every well-known company uses recognizable imagery to promote itself as a distinctly identifiable brand. Symbolic representations of visual branding include logos, images, icons, fonts, and colour systems. For example, when you see the swoosh, you think of Nike.

Brand messaging includes preferred phrases and brand voice. We’ve come to expect sassy, off-the-cuff humour from Aviation Gin or Duolingo. When potential customers come across a brand’s messaging, they should be able to see consistency in written content across every channel and platform.

Storefront sign with a recognizable brand identity. Graphic design by Mindspin Studio for a retail venue in Brantford, Ontario.
Storefront sign graphic design with a recognizable brand identity by Mindspin Studio for a retail venue in Brantford, Ontario.

In a recognizable brand identity, imagery and messaging are reduced to one core concept that is easily distinguishable and remembered. Likewise, your business needs to be recognizable as you compete in the marketplace.

How you market your brand makes all the difference

At Mindspin, we know that companies conscious of their brand image tend to grow faster and survive longer. Are you ready to escape the void of unknown startups and become a recognizable player in your field? Start by re-evaluating how your brand is represented in the marketplace.

1. Do you have a clear set of brand visuals representing your business?

2. Is your messaging and brand voice consistent across all channels?

3. Are you reaching your sales targets?

Nobody is as well acquainted with your business as you, but transforming that understanding into a visual identity requires a team of creative and strategic experts. So if you answered no to any of the self-evaluation questions, book a Mindspin consultation, and let us provide strategic marketing insights, creativity and the outside perspective you need to get your business on track to becoming an unforgettable brand in your niche.

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