Five Reasons Ways You Benefit From a Brand Experience Audit

Brand audit.

Forbes has described brand as the most valuable asset a business can own; distinct from a mere trademark, it is “psychology and science brought together as a promise.” So, how do you protect this prized resource, safeguard its integrity, and maximize its value? The answer is a brand experience audit.

What is a brand experience audit?

In short, it’s an objective analysis of the overall health of your brand. In reality, it’s a means to ensure you’re getting every aspect of your marketing and service right. From customer service and public perception to product quality, a brand experience audit provides a full, comprehensive analysis of your brand’s performance.

The Benefits of Brand Experience Auditing

1. Improve customer experience

Auditing is one of the best ways to assess the customer experience. Whether you are running events, providing a technical service or offering products, the only way to improve your customers’ experience is to understand it. An detail-oriented auditor can provide an accurate overview of both the positive and negative aspects of your customer service, allowing you to build on your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

2. Increase brand loyalty

Great customer service is a key component of brand loyalty, but it is not the only component. One of the major advantages of a brand audit is the insight it provides into customer behaviour and brand positioning. An audit offers an unbiased assessment of how your customers differentiate your brand from competitors and their attitudes about the service you provide. It presents actionable insight into your marketing activities, helping you to identify areas with growth potential.

3. Fully understand brand perception

Whether we like to admit it or not, our own biases frequently colour our perceptions. No one within an organization can provide a candid overview of how that brand is perceived, whether they are assessing external perception (by customers and clients) or internal (by colleagues). That’s where a brand auditor comes in. With critical analysis and no preconceived ideas, an auditor can identify which qualities are associated with your brand.

4. Identify weaknesses

Fully understanding brand perception is the best means by which to gauge the limitations of your current approach. The big picture perspective an auditor provides helps to identify weaknesses in marketing, communication and customer service. Their astute assessments allow for targeted improvement in these areas, increasing your return on investment for everything from marketing costs to staff training.

5. Identify new opportunities for growth

The real advantage of a brand experience audit, however, extends far beyond the candid feedback you’ll receive on the health of your brand. It might be the most valuable aspect of your business, but without direction and growth, your brand will never achieve its full potential. Seeking advice from an auditor with years of branding experience, someone qualified to provide a comprehensive assessment of the external market, your position in it, and consumer behaviour, will provide actionable insight into opportunities for future growth.

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