How a Marketing Agency Doubles Down on Your Business Success

How a Marketing Agency Doubles Down on Your Business Success

Many businesses are simply getting by with their existing marketing strategies. Savvy brands connect with a marketing agency that has their back so they can focus on running their business.

You’re a company founder or CEO responsible for scaling up your business, and you know your vision better than anyone. In fact, you know what makes your product or service unique and how you compare to your competition. In addition, you understand your customers and how you improve their lives. In light of that, do you really need the services of a marketing agency?

Are you happy with your marketing tactics and strategy?

Are you satisfied you know the next tactical choice regarding lead generation? Are you actively managing your marketing plan with regular content generation and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising? Is your content bringing organic traffic to your website?

If you’ve got your marketing plan working like clockwork, you should be able to complete the following, even if you can’t supply specific data.

  1. List one or more items from each quadrant of your SWOT analysis.
  2. Describe how your target audience is segmented.
  3. Explain how you track the success of your digital media using marketing analytics.

How did you do? Maybe you’re clear on your target audience but unsure whether your brand strategy works the way you want it to. Perhaps you just don’t have the resources to create new B2B or B2C online content and don’t know when you will. And what’s more, you’re not even sure how to identify a marketing analytic.

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

The power of having a marketing partner, like Mindspin, your marketing agency.

A few facts about online marketing

You’re probably aware that online marketing is an impressive way to reach consumers, but you may be surprised by the extent of its use. The 2021 survey, Small Business Marketing Statistics and Trends, illustrates how consumers use online shopping resources and the many logistical constraints that businesses face trying to reach them.

Statistics illustrate how consumers use online shopping resources and the many logistical constraints that businesses face trying to reach them.
  • 81% of shoppers research online before purchasing
  • 74% of consumers rely on social media to guide purchasing decisions
  • 75% of local-intent mobile searches result in offline store visits within 24 hours, and 30% of those visits end with a purchase
  • 60% of consumers begin their product research with a search engine before heading to a particular website
  • The top two channels for customer research are online reviews (55%) and company websites (47%)

How are businesses positioned to meet this consumer approach to shopping? Ninety-two percent of business owners believe having a website is the most effective digital marketing strategy, but:

  • Almost half of small businesses spend less than two hours a week on marketing efforts
  • 47% of small business owners handle marketing entirely on their own

With all areas of the business vying for your attention, it’s no wonder there’s often a gap between a consumer’s online search for a product or service and a company’s ability to be a match for that search. You want your garage door company website to appear in search results when a local shopper looks for “garage door” online. But who has time to learn and understand SEO strategy?

Full-service marketing agencies like Mindspin Studio provide technical expertise to accomplish the tasks that send shoppers to you online and in-store. More than that, we guide businesses through every aspect of their marketing plan, from branding to website development and consulting services to creating a seamless lead generation funnel that earns sales.

Okay, I need help!

We understand you may have cost concerns. But isn’t your business worth the investment? You’ve put your heart and soul into your product; why wouldn’t you capitalize on your success? The cost of hiring a good agency is worth every dollar, positively impacting your business.

It’s reasonable to have some concerns and questions. For most founders and CEOs, digital marketing is an unknown universe. It can feel like working blindfolded. It’s all hits and visits and no way of knowing if an ad or other piece of content’s ROI was worth it. But let’s take a closer look at the validity of three common concerns.

1. How can I trust a marketing agency with an essential part of my business?

A marketing agency is your go-to team of experts. They are laser-focused on how to research, build and test the strategies and tactics that will drive people to your website or store and, once there, buy your product or service. In addition, an agency studies the latest marketing trends using up-to-date software, analytic tools and reporting methods.

A marketing agency is a trusted partner

You can let go of your fears and heavy time commitment. All the things you thought you had to learn and know about digital marketing can now be left in the hands of a trusted partner. An agency is staffed with professionals who understand how to achieve your business growth goals. They do this strategically using experience, expertise and the latest digital marketing technology.

You’re no longer OCCUPIED EXECUTING:Because the agency:
Product or service brandingCreates one-of-a-kind logos, key messaging and eye-catching graphics that speak to your target audience
Website development and maintenanceImplements website strategy, user interface design, page layouts and conversion funnels that move visitors from engagement to purchase
Content creationDevelops outstanding blog posts, e-newsletters, landing pages, case studies, white papers and thought leadership content that attracts attention and supports conversion
Search engine optimization (SEO)Increases the ranking of your website and other digital content in online searches
Digital advertising, including pay-per-click (PPC)Designs paid advertisements that achieve a targeted engagement
Media channel strategyDetermines the most appropriate media channels and content program to reach your target audience, e.g., social media, email list, radio, industry publications or event sponsorships
Metrics analysisGathers and analyzes digital marketing data to push successful tactics
Program leadershipPlans and adjusts your marketing program based on accumulated data, changing markets, evolving company offerings and new competitor data

2. My cash flow is going to take a hit

Marketing agencies update or create a marketing plan to achieve what’s most important to you: retaining and attracting more customers, which generates more sales. A comprehensive digital marketing program will include regular reporting to track and analyze how your marketing plan generates ROI.

No more hacking your way through the jungle of digital media

Much of the emphasis in marketing today is on digital channels. No surprise there. The digital world is ever-evolving, and businesses must keep up with the changes to stay relevant. It’s no longer a question of whether to use social media and digital advertising but to what extent.

An agency specializing in digital marketing will explain how all the components work and how they can be combined into packages to support a specific campaign target. Then, they will suggest options that work for your business. A comprehensive digital marketing program could look like:

Plan Strategy & Setup
  • Objectives, targets and success metrics plan
  • Branding audit and update
  • Website and landing pages with on-page metrics
  • Social media profile setup
  • Ad accounts setup—Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube
  • Analytics report setup
Ongoing Implementation
  • Content creation
    • Blog articles with infographics
    • Customer testimonials
    • Thought leadership
    • Email campaigns
    • Webinars and podcasts
    • Videos
  • Organic search
  • Paid search
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Directory listing and link building
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Email marketing
  • Event sponsorship and publication advertising
Analysis & Reporting
  • Monthly digital marketing analysis and report to make data-informed predictions, prevent repetitive losses and uncover hidden opportunities
  • Strategic plan adjustments in response to results and trends

Using an agency to plan and execute your marketing strategy saves you time and money as they are already equipped to manage all angles and further growth. So, in the long term, any initial hit to your cash flow will be recovered as your marketing generates more and more revenue.

A marketing agency takes care of more than just the marketing to-do list

Like an event planner who arranges catering, music and a suitable venue to match a client’s goals and target audience, a marketing agency would also select and integrate all facets of marketing to create a cohesive and comprehensive plan that meets the needs of a brand.

You no longer have to worry about:Because the agency:
Determining the best media channel and researching the costs for media buysMonitors media channel investment ROI and knows the industry standard rates
Updating your website to keep it fresh and engagingWrites captivating website content that drives organic traffic
What market segment you should be paying attention toUses marketing analytics to track what segments are best responding to your online campaign
Hiring a contractor to solve issues like website re-design and securityManages your website optimization on an ongoing basis to maximize protection, traffic and conversions
A sudden increase or change in marketing feesRecommends a realistic annual budget and flows the workload around that, providing a predictable monthly fee structure

3. How do I know this work will translate into enough sales leads that convert to customers?

A marketing agency provides objectivity and guidance

When an agency looks at the components of your marketing for the first time, they learn about your brand through fresh eyes. Your website, videos, digital and printed sales literature, and anything you’ve made to promote your business tell your audience a story. It’s saying, here’s a product or service that can help you meet your needs. If anyone asks what your business offers, the answer should be unmistakable. If it isn’t, the agency will work on clarifying your messaging, so your customers are never confused about what you’re offering.

Next, your marketing partner would dig deeper to discover why a business or consumer would want or need what you’re selling. Or why they would choose your business over your competitors. This isn’t meant to put your business down. It’s to help identify and highlight what is valuable about what you do and the best ways to connect to your customer base. This is where it gets really fun! From here, the agency works with you to develop exciting ideas to forge those connections.

An agency looks at your marketing and asks: What do you do? Who is your customer? Why would the customer need you? Why are you better than your competition?

Agencies work with you to design and create a range of creative elements that tell your story. They give you guidance along the decision-making path. Suppose, for example, you think using YouTube videos can help because you sell a B2C product for home assembly. The agency can give you guidance on production values and approaches. What level of investment in video production would your budget allow? Would the spokesperson be you (which can sometimes work very well), an employee or a professional actor?

An objective appreciation of critical messaging, subliminal content and target audience can sharpen the impact of B2B and B2C communication.

You receive specialized knowledge and experience from an agency

Associates at an agency keep up-to-date on marketing trends and tools. Digital technology changes rapidly. Your business needs the ability to target and redirect communication to more and more targeted demographics.

If you’re a startup founder, you’ve likely taken on much of the work yourself. By partnering with an agency, you’re relieved of the additional tasks required to implement and monitor your marketing plan. In consultation with you, the agency builds your marketing plan, starting with your brand. From there, the agency develops a blueprint for your marketing and begins to execute it in stages.

Mindspin Studio does this in two essential steps. First, we build a company’s brand, ensuring it is solidly implemented across all assets and connects emotionally with prospects. Second, we use data and analytics to verify your marketing is providing a successful ROI and identify where there is room for adjustment and new opportunities.

Scaling up your marketing plan to match business growth

Putting your trust into the hands of Mindspin means you have a proactive partner for the long term. Your marketing program will need to expand as your business grows, and we’ll be ready to ramp up with you. We understand how to scale your marketing plan for a larger market share, expanded product marketing and new geographical market penetration. And the best part is that we take care of everything for you!

You don’t have time to interview and train marketing staff. We already have a team of dedicated professionals with specialized expertise to do the work. There’s no need to assign one of your team members to research and test new digital equipment or software, never mind train your staff. Instead, we’ve spent time learning what’s out there and how best to incorporate it into each client’s toolbox.

Ultimately, you won’t have to worry about lost business due to slow implementation of new campaigns. Mindspin has established resources and systems that accelerate new campaigns and attract quality leads ready to pass on to sales.

Hiring a marketing agency frees up time to take care of other business

Your business needs you at the helm, guiding your vision. Whether it’s refining and developing new products and services or reviewing legal matters and contracts, you can comfortably focus on business growth and improvement.

When an agency oversees your marketing responsibilities, you have more time to devote to supply chain, partnerships or financials.

What would you focus on if your marketing was in the hands of a professional team of experts?

The competitive advantage of partnering with us is clear.

We work hard to bring value to your business by implementing strategies to increase your website traffic and company sales. Mindspin Studio has the experts to design and implement strategies that result in a quantifiable ROI. So rely on the experts and double down on your business success.