The Premium Brand’s Guide to Social Media


Social media marketing is the new(ish) frontier – but mastering it can be tricky. Here’s how to turn your boutique brand into a social champion.

The Value of Social Media

Social channels offer premium brands the opportunity for a two-way conversation with their audience. Managed correctly, these interactions can increase awareness, cultivate trust, create brand advocates, boost sales and enhance SEO.

These channels require a very low capital investment and offer small businesses (fewer than 500 employees) the potential for huge returns – providing they are managed correctly.

The Social Media Audience

Different audiences engage with social media in different ways. Facebook remains the province of over-35s, while SnapChat is skewed almost exclusively toward Centennials. Pinterest is predominantly female in its audience and Twitter attracts more men.

To maximize engagement and get the best ROI (return on investment), brands need to understand why their customers use social media. Without this vital information, identifying the best channels to connect with your audience is all but impossible.

Content for Social Media

Content is a significant determiner of business success or failure on social platforms. Relevant, holistic content is more important than ever. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you must have high-value content and insights that your audience can rely on getting from you.

Short posts, articles that rehash trending topics, or meaningless blogs with scattered topics are of no value to your business. Instead, opt for helpful content with some depth (at least 450 words) and a thoughtful, regular blogging schedule to maximize the SEO value of your social channels and ensure maximum audience engagement.

Managing Social Media

Social media is a conversation. How your brand interacts with your audience is as important as the content it publishes.

Nearly 80% of Twitter users expect a response within an hour if they use the channel to make a complaint, and many potential new customers will judge your service from past comments and posts. Successful brands have a defined plan for managing social media engagements — both positive and negative — and the team to ensure followers receive a quick response.

Social Media for Small Business

If you don’t have the resources to create a valuable, original channel, or to engage with your audience quickly, don’t be afraid to outsource to experts.

The Mindspin team has years of experience writing and publishing high-quality posts, not to mention the knowledge to create a social community united behind your brand. Our ongoing, content marketing packages include SEO and social media analyses, optimization, strategy planning and daily management of your channels to ensure your premium brand masters social media.

The value of your social media channels lies in how you use them. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost SEO, increase sales and generate new revenue sources. Contact us today and find out how Mindspin can take your business to the next level.