How a Legal Advisor Can Protect Your Brand

Some brands don’t understand the value of a legal advisor until it’s too late. Protect your brand by planning ahead.

Protecting Your Brand Assets

When you hire Mindspin to write your company names, product names and taglines, and design your logos, tagline, and product aesthetics, you are acquiring your first brand assets. Protecting these assets with registered trademarks and patents will help defend your exclusive right to use them as your brand becomes more and more recognizable. Mindspin does not offer legal advice or legal services, so a legal advisor is necessary.

Advising on Legal Matters

Consider the following scenario: The identity of your boutique brand is closely associated with your logo and website, and your competitor recently implemented almost identical features. You have a trademark, but sending an email to their office hasn’t changed a thing. What do you do now? A legal advisor can ensure a timely and favourable solution is reached so that you can get back on track more quickly. Without their help, you may not know what to do, allowing the competitor to continue replicating your brand identity and diverting your revenue.

What if the tables have turned and your business is faced with a legal or trademark dispute, perhaps as you expand to a new country? Handled poorly, it could be the downfall of your corporate brand. Whether it’s a trademark dispute, patent infringement or any of the other many legal issues, a legal advisor can help you navigate the legal landscape.

Mitigating Risk

Whether your brand is facing a legal issue with manufacturing, employment or anything else, a legal advisor can develop a strategy to help your brand operate according to all legal principles. This plan can address anything from wages and breaks to what you can and can’t do during branding or product development. Their advice can be implemented in your business plan or after you’ve established your operation to provide peace of mind and legal protection as your brand grows. Taking your entire corporate brand into consideration, legal advisors can help build protections as you lay a solid foundation for your brand, from your business plan to international expansion and everything in between.

To Take Action or Not

Legal advisors can help you understand what your options are and when you should pursue legal action. Corporate law is extremely complicated, so unless you’re a lawyer or legal expert it’s hard to know when you can and should take action. It takes an astonishing amount of time, money and commitment to launch and maintain a successful corporate brand. Protect that investment by ensuring that your brand operates on a sound legal foundation.

This article is one part of a six-part series on specialty consultants that work in tandem with Mindspin, together growing your brand. The other areas of consultancy are: business plan, pricing strategy, sales strategy, market research and public relations.