Clear Business Vision Enables Strategic Branding

Strategic branding and marketing won’t magically carry a weak business; however, it’s how a business with a solid vision, product or service and customer experience will hold ground in a tough market and reach new heights in a growing market.

Legal, sales and other business advisors will be valuable in outlining your business plan and model, target audience profiles, market share potential, pricing and sales strategy. These are important components of your business vision and having clarity on them will help your business evolve successfully over the long-term. At Mindspin, we call this your business vision and elements of it are valuable to our creative process.

The Creative Brief

With your clear business vision in place, you will be able to describe your business, product or service, market, target audience and competitive landscape to the creative team. Before the branding creative process starts, a creative brief phase allows the creative team to become familiar with your company and market. This allows them to be more strategic and proactive in idea generation, storytelling and marketing recommendations. This is what we call strategic branding.

The Brand Story

Strategic branding revolves around a one-of-a-kind brand story that rings true, captivates the minds of the right people and endures changing trends. It means getting to the heart of the “why.” Why does your company exist? Why does your company matter? It’s important to have a story that people can understand and connect with. People expect that the brand has been developed for a good reason: to solve a problem, to improve how we do things, or to meet a need and the story is central to communicating the brand’s purpose. A brand that is deemed integral to a coveted lifestyle is the brand that has superfans. Remember, in order to create the optimal brand story for you, the creative team needs a clear creative brief based on your business vision.

Strategic Branding

As the world gets smaller due to globalization and the internet, competition grows. It seems like all the good names and dot-coms are taken and that every idea has already been done. Strategic branding is more critical than ever. Telling a consistent and emotive brand story can create a connection with customers that will help your business remain competitive.

With a clear, strategic brand story in place, its essence can spread to all communication touch points, including customer service, office space décor and product design. From a customer’s point of view, the decision-making process is not influenced solely by the product or service. In the same way that people prefer to hang out with other people that make them feel good, they buy things that make them feel good too. A great brand story, supported by a strong brand experience generates the feel-good feeling. With your clear business vision outlined in our creative brief, Mindspin can design strategic branding that takes your company to the next level.