A Corporate Content and Blog Writing Service Can Rejuvenate Your Brand

Person researching and writing for a content writing and blog writing service.

The written content that is featured in your brand assets — literature, website, newsletters, social media posts and advertisements — is an important part of your marketing strategy. Written messages define your business and tell those who form your market what they can expect. If you have a seamless strategy where every element is consistent, you are more likely to succeed.

A content and blog writing service will keep your written content active and ongoing, and your brand alive and noticed.

Naming a Company, Product or Service

The right company, product or service name can set you apart and evoke an image It will start every communication you have with your audience and it will bear the reputation of your brand. A magnetic and distinctive name will be planted firmly in the mind of the consumer.

Writing a Meaningful Tagline

A tagline is a short statement that conveys the brand promise. It positions and differentiates your company. A great tagline is inspiring and bravely unique, and it hints at an intriguing story. It doesn’t try to please everyone and it isn’t another version of a generic phrase used by all of your competitors. It touches on what matters to your audience.

Writing Brochures, Sales Literature and White Papers

Brochures and other sales literature are important tools in your marketing toolbox. Clearly crafted product descriptions, case studies and company profiles entice buyers to take the next step in the sales cycle. Well-written literature reinforces your company’s credibility and can provide detailed information in a comfortable-to-read format. Digital PDF versions can enrich your website with easy-to-print content. Whitepaper pdfs can reward those who take a desired action, such as signing up for your newsletter. Print versions provide a tactile, hands-on, leave-behind image of professionalism that the digital world can’t.

Attention-grabbing Email Campaigns

Email is a useful tool to share information with the people in your willing audience; it can offer them new content announcements, product updates, event communications, transactional messages, newsletters, lead-generation campaigns and personalized audience-segment campaigns. Whatever the content, effective marketing email is based on a clear strategy and great writing. The subject line and headline must attract attention, and the body text must maintain that attention through to the call to action.

Writing Advertisements

Increased brand exposure and sales are the two primary benefits of effective advertising. A well-written advertising campaign captures attention quickly with a strategic headline, motivational body copy, strong design and visual elements. The tone will focus on benefits rather than features, addressing the desires and wants of target customers in clear language, all while whetting their appetite for information. A good ad will finish with a clear call to action that makes it easy for readers to respond.

Writing Websites and Blog Articles

Clear and intriguing website copy will have visitors browsing your website, learning about your offerings and taking action. Conversely, a website that is full of errors, inconsistent voices and tones, and boring “me, me, me” text is going to drive away sales. Your website’s blog offers a strategic opportunity to establish your firm as an expert in your niche. Fresh and ongoing blog articles can turn “likes” into love for your brand. And remember, Google determines the relevance of your website based on your content. Relevant and new content is key to achieving a respectable search-engine ranking and attracting new audiences.

Writing for Social Marketing

The quality of your social-media content and conversations determines how people will perceive your brand. As another extension of your brand story, the writing in your social spaces should have the same voice as your other marketing touchpoints. It’s important to write in a timely manner and write thoughtfully, in response to both positive and negative feedback.

Rejuvenating Your Brand

Mindspin’s corporate content and blog writing service breathes life into your brand by keeping it fresh, relevant and on-target. True to your brand story, a cohesive written message across all channels positions your business as a leader in its niche.