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Captivate your audience with an unforgettable website that generates leads.

Mindspin designs creative, interactive worlds that are tightly aligned with your brand positioning. Moreover, our website development services focus on measurable lead generation. To start, we outline the business goals for the website. What do we want people to do there? Do we want people to download a whitepaper, subscribe to a newsletter or watch a video? What will generate leads? Once we plan a clear prospecting funnel, we design your website to support those goals.

Look into our website development service portfolio…

Apogee Ceramics

Apogee was growing very quickly. Prior to this expansion, Mindspin helped Apogee develop its initial branding. This included the startup’s trade show booth, brochures, artistic photo imagery and other marketing materials. In light of this recent growth, Apogee needed Mindspin to upgrade its brand and online presence.

Apogee is a ceramic manufacturer that supplies companies in North America, Europe and Asia. So this is pretty technical stuff. In essence, Apogee offers leading edge engineering in a global market. The goal was to design a visually exciting space that showcased these technically advanced products. At the same time, the marketing materials had to provide a professional stage for more in depth product information. Ultimately, prospects needed to feel confident in this company. It needed to be easy to request quotes and find information. The new website achieves this and allows Apogee to update their own website page content.

Corporate branding, stationery design and website design for Apogee Ceramics
Website design and development for Apogee Ceramics in Ontario, Canada

Positive feedback came in as soon as the new website was launched. “I noticed the Apogee site is very well put together” and “Tanja at Mindspin has a great eye for business marketing” were a few comments. Ah, making our clients look good. It makes us not only look good, but feels great too. 🙂  The updated website – along with the stationery, brochure and other marketing materials – supports Apogee as it forges forward and attracts new global business.

Mobile-friendly website design for Apogee Ceramics
Sales literature design and custom photography for a technical engineering company

Dental Care While You Sleep

Dental Care While You Sleep is a unique business. It offers specialized dental services under sedation and anesthesia by experienced dentists and nurses. Because of this exceptional expertise, it complements the services of family dentists as needed rather than replacing them entirely. Though their equipment exceeds industry requirements, their website was out of date. Mindspin was hired to clarify the brand message so that everyone could understand it and to create a simple website. The new website makes it easy for people to know how Dental Care can help them, see what community they serve and make referrals.

The website Mindspin designed for Dental Care While You Sleep
Graphics designed for the Dental Care While You Sleep website.

Tanja Groos Fine Art

You may have noticed that Mindspin Studio is a creative place. 😉 But did you know that Mindspin’s founder, Tanja Groos, is also a fine artist? Tanja creates acrylic, oil and mixed media paintings. When she started regularly exhibiting and accepting commissions, Tanja needed marketing materials.

Her marketing needs as an artist were simple. An effective website was needed to showcase her paintings. Equally important, her online portfolio updates had to be quick to make. The artist website focuses on what art buyers want to see. Of course, that means large views of the artist’s artwork and a quick way to contact the artist. A series of playful business cards were designed to showcase several pieces of Tanja’s art. The business cards are designed to allow for easy updates, featuring new paintings as needed.

Flexible business card design for a visual artist
The website design for this artist includes an artwork portfolio featuring large product photos

Mindspin created images that help art collectors visualize the pieces in their homes or offices. These images show paintings in room settings. Also, we designed a newsletter that quickly announces upcoming art galas and new painting releases.

Artwork product photos are created to show the pieces in room environments
A customer is signing up for the artist newsletter

Tree House Kitchen

With her children growing older, Chef Nancy Henley began preparing for the next chapter in her extensive chef career. Nancy was fuelled by a passion for food and a love for empowering others to cook. So, she built Tree House Kitchen in Dundas. Via this food literacy company, Nancy aimed to improve the abilities and lives of home cooks. Specifically, she would share her comprehensive knowledge of food, cooking and nutrition.

Nancy’s rich vision needed to be distilled into a clear, concise message that would help people immediately connect. Mindspin consulted with Nancy to clarify her brand vision and to define a creative strategy. From these conversations, a family of logos, icons, taglines, infographics and images was designed that identify Nancy’s core philosophical tenets. A brand vision chart was created to provide long-term strategic focus.

Business card, letterhead, envelop, and poster design for a small business
A custom infographic for a culinary business

The business vision included a return to food writing, public speaking and media hosting. Accordingly, the brand story was rolled out in brochures, event posters, signs and email newsletters. Social website profiles, video graphics, business document templates and media kits further supported the marketing goals. Chef Nancy Henley was hired as a chef consultant and coach. Additionally, she was hired as a chef host in a major media cooking show. And, she is interviewed by local media. Nancy continues to grow her online food inspiration resource.

We designed graphics for videos and edited corporate videos
We designed this website as an online resource for cooking inspiration

A high performance website must do more than look good. Yes, aesthetics, flow and feel are critical in website design. They touch the heart. But more is required. Unquestionably, your website must be mobile-ready and responsive. This means that it will look good on any modern device. At the same time, it must meet search engine optimization (SEO) requirements. We all want our online content to be found by potential customers! Another key point is that it must adhere to (at least) basic security standards. Protecting your data is important to your website visitors and impacts SEO. And yes, Mindspin helps with domain registration management and hosting setup. We are here to make it easy, understandable and effective.

Lead generation is the ultimate goal of most websites. Your website will be built around the most effective lead generation activities. Additionally, we can build in tracking that measures the results. Our online marketing program includes monthly reports on these website engagements. To keep your website relevant and ensure the best user experience, we provide ongoing website maintenance, content updates and article creation. All in all, our strategic website development service has the power to influence brand loyalty, motivate prospects and reassure customers. Together, this creates enduring value for your business.

Website development and design requires a variety of creative and technical skills. These include user experience design, leads generation strategy and search engine optimization. Mindspin builds websites that present your brand with the most effective words, images and user experience. Ask how we can help you with website design and development that takes your brand to the next level.

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