Brand Storytelling that Builds Customer Connection

Brand Storytelling that Builds Customer Connection.

Brand storytelling will differentiate your product from the hundreds of similar ones out there. Thinking your product or service speaks for itself, is a romantic notion that no longer holds true.

As a business owner or executive, you know that your customers keep your business alive. You must repeatedly win them over to gain their loyalty, and your marketing strategy must be all about them. With increased accessibility and globalization, it’s much harder to stand out in a crowd—even in niche domains. This is where brand storytelling really shines.

Differentiate or be forgotten

Facts and testimonials have their place, but engaging your customer at an emotional level is what makes you unforgettable.

Interestingly, our brains are more likely to focus on stimuli with emotional significance. In fact, emotion plays a part in memory encoding, consolidation and recall. Emotions drive purchase decisions too.

Good storytelling moves people emotionally, connecting in a deeper way than plain information. Tell your brand’s unique story—its history, success, challenges and values. Share the impact it’s making, the causes it supports and what it cares about beyond just making a profit.

The four elements of brand storytelling include your brand history, emotion, impact and story.

Establish unique brand storytelling

While you may know the impact your brand has on your customers and the world, it’s not always easy to explain.

Here are four questions Mindspin asks to craft an emotionally powerful brand story for its clients.

1. What do you want your audience to remember and feel when they think of your brand?

2. What value are you offering them every time they engage with your content?

3. What does your brand mean to them, beyond what you’re selling?

4. How do you touch and transform lives?

Brand storytelling to a targeted audience

Building a strong, emotional relationship with your audience requires your brand to exhibit authenticity and a consistent personality. That personality may not resonate with everyone and that’s okay. You want to reach the audience that will engage and become brand ambassadors.

Tell your story in a way that is true to your brand and that resonates with your target audience. Forget trying to appeal to everyone—that kind of blandness sinks in the competitive sea of sameness. Instead, focus on your specific brand story to foster connection, engagement and trust that results in customers and brand advocates.

Everyone wants to feel connected

Consumers are aligning their purchasing power with their values. They hold their favourite brands accountable and want to feel like they’re supporting a brand that shares their ideals. Brand storytelling is critical to meeting this need.

Ready to create a memorable brand? Connect with us today. Mindspin will help you craft the right brand story to create loyal clients who have a lasting positive impression of your brand and what it stands for.