Business Consulting

Just getting started? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Get personalized advice and ideas that can save time and resources.

Navigating the launch of a business startup can be overwhelming. What’s more, returning to business after a decade away only to find that marketing is nothing like it used to be is intimidating. Mistakes can be embarrassing. The Mindspin business consulting service offers experience and critical thinking that makes it easier.

  • Using email
  • Using social media
  • Understanding social media fundamentals
  • Understanding online marketing fundamentals
  • Using a Mac computer and Mac software
  • Setting up a small office
  • Working remotely
  • Planning for a photo shoot or video shoot
  • Assistance in finding answers to your questions
  • Having a soundboard for, or pros and cons analysis of, your ideas

Ramping up to take over the globe? Set up your in-house design department with our expert assistance.

Everything we do is to help your business grow. Eventually, some corporations grow to the point where having an in-house marketing department has some advantages. When that time comes, Mindspin will help you ramp up. And as always, we will be here to provide full service support when things get hectic, require specialized expertise or need external perspective.

  • Office set up
  • Equipment, hardware and software recommendations
  • Space, procedures and expectations planning
  • Interviewing new employees
  • Training new and existing employees
  • Full branding and design support as needed

One-on-one support

Tanja works personally with business consulting service clients. She provides alternate ways of looking at situations, while providing options and recommendations. Her feedback is candid and communication is patient.

Small Business Experience

Tanja Groos’s first-hand experience with small businesses began in 2000 when she founded Mindspin Studio Inc. Six years later, Tanja founded a second small business, Mindspin Factory Inc. She took on a business partner in that second business. A while later, Tanja amalgamated it into Mindspin Studio. With more than 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, vital lessons and rewarding achievements have sharpened Tanja’s enterprising skill set.

Tanja has experience with commercial studio, home office and remote working. And so, is happy to help you do the same.

“Tanja always partners her work with a sound business plan and astute communications fully supporting quality and growth in my business. She is an extremely good listener, interpreter and very intuitive which keeps my vision as the client in the picture at all times while growing it to the best visual scale.”

“Mindspin truly stands out as a company that sincerely understands what it means to become partners with a client throughout the value-add consultative approach.”

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