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Empower your brand with unique and creative sales literature, advertising and displays.

Within seconds of seeing marketing materials, consumers decide whether or not they trust your brand. Likewise, they immediately assess if they can benefit from your offering. Thoughtfully written messages, high-impact graphics and well-planned photos and videos correctly reflect and position your brand. They lead to inference of quality, increased traffic and connection with your audience. Mindspin’s graphic design service makes your company and product more visible and understandable. We help brands break through the clutter with a brand-specific strategy as well as big, surprising ideas.

Follow us on a journey through our graphic design service process in this case study…

Hamilton Graphic Design Service

Imagine having a literature system that makes the uniqueness of your full product offering obvious. Would your software gain more fans with improved user experience and software interface design? What could a branded magazine do for your business and industry? Not to mention a strong signage system in your offices or stores. Coupled with a smart advertising campaign, a product launch can more quickly attain success.

Creative thinking and artistic ability are more valuable than ever. In a world where digital tools are plentiful, it’s easy to look like everyone else. Mindspin combines artistry with big picture thinking. As a result, our graphic design services lead to unique marketing pieces that reach hearts.

Look into our graphic design service portfolio…

The Entry Line

The Entry Line is a dog show entry service that accepts entries for events across Canada. They have supported entries for more than 20 years, continually enhancing their services and reach. The time came to again expand their service. Consequently, they needed a fresh design for an advertising campaign that would attract Canadians. Mindspin’s graphic design services were called on to design an advertisement series that would roll out in print publication as well as various online spaces. The campaign focus is to underscore their personal phone entry option, while still informing on entry by fax or online service. Entry Line is standing out as a friendly dog show entry service that really does make it easy.

Graphic design of an advertisement series for a dog show entry service
Various advertisements in a series for a business in the pet events industry


CRESSblue is a new kind of software for net lease multi-tenant properties. The software uniquely makes it easier for commercial property managers to stay on top of complex leases and accounting, including cost recoveries and reconciliations. Mindspin consulted with CRESS and developed its brand strategy, brand story, website, advertising and more. To assist the sales team in responding to leads generated by the online marketing program, we outlined a sales process. We designed a flexible sales deck system that targets audience segments and literature to accompany the calls and demos.

Graphic design of software packaging for advertisements

Tree House Kitchen

Tree House Kitchen is a food literacy company that shares stories about food, wellbeing and the environment. The company creates and rosters a collection of knowledge, experiences, resources and community support. Above all, it motivates individuals and communities to make informed and empowered food decisions for themselves. As part of the storytelling mission, Tree House Kitchen envisioned releasing video content. They provided Mindspin with the initial storyline footage and music. Mindspin curated the videos, providing story planning, writing, video compilation and editing, graphics design and animation.

A small social media marketing program was rolled out that resulted in significantly increased social engagement and a 200% increase in website traffic.

Maverick Spring Makers

Who knew springs could be so much fun? Maverick Spring Makers is a custom manufacturer of springs with ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certification. Yes, they take quality seriously. Maverick approached Mindspin to update their marketing communications.

Mindspin brainstormed and planned a product photo shoot and new product brochure. All products had to be shot with careful attention to detail and lighting. Did you know that some springs are only millimetres in size? Adding to the complexity, certain product photos had to be taken from specific perspectives in order to produce an eye catching array arrangement. The photos were used in the brochures and also formed a flexible product image library.

Mindspin designed both a print version brochure as well as an interactive brochure. The interactive brochure has a custom index and page navigation system. So, it’s easy to get to any desired content with one click. Additionally, hyperlinks to external resources – including website forms, online attachments, specific web pages and email communications – enrich the usability of the brochure.

Brochure design featuring custom photography for a manufacturer
Mindspin's graphic design services delivered trade show signs for Maverick Spring Makers

Trade show booth signage and other marketing communications were updated to match the new branding. Congratulations to Maverick as it celebrates its 50th anniversary and continues to lead in quality, custom spring manufacturing.

Mindspin designed an interactive pdf version of the Maverick Spring Makers brochure
Product photography for a spring manufacturing client of Mindspin

Graphic design is a tool of visual communication. It includes problem-solving through the use of type, space, image and colour. Mindspin designers combine these proven techniques with unique instinct. The result is design that attracts the eye and conveys the perfect image for your brand. Ask how we can help you with graphic design that takes your brand to the next level.

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