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A legal consultant helps to protect the brand assets we design for you.

How a Legal Advisor Can Protect Your Brand

Some brands don’t understand the value of a legal advisor until it’s too late. Protect your brand by planning ahead.

Protecting Your Brand Assets

When you hire Mindspin to write your company names, product names and taglines, and design your logos, tagline, and product aesthetics, you are acquiring your first brand assets. Protecting these assets with registered trademarks and patents will help defend your exclusive right to use them as your brand becomes more and more recognizable. Mindspin does not offer legal advice or legal services, so a legal advisor is necessary.

Advising on Legal Matters

Consider the following scenario: The identity of your boutique brand is closely associated with your logo and website, and your competitor recently implemented almost identical features. You have a trademark, but sending an email to their office hasn’t changed a thing. What do you do now? A legal advisor can ensure a timely and favourable solution is reached so that you can get back on track more quickly. Without their help, you may not know what to do, allowing the competitor to continue replicating your brand identity and diverting your revenue.

What if the tables have turned and your business is faced with a legal or trademark dispute, perhaps as you expand to a new country? Handled poorly, it could be the downfall of your corporate brand. Whether it’s a trademark dispute, patent infringement or any of the other many legal issues, a legal advisor can help you navigate the legal landscape.

Mitigating Risk

Whether your brand is facing a legal issue with manufacturing, employment or anything else, a legal advisor can develop a strategy to help your brand operate according to all legal principles. This plan can address anything from wages and breaks to what you can and can’t do during branding or product development. Their advice can be implemented in your business plan or after you’ve established your operation to provide peace of mind and legal protection as your brand grows. Taking your entire corporate brand into consideration, legal advisors can help build protections as you lay a solid foundation for your brand, from your business plan to international expansion and everything in between.

To Take Action or Not

Legal advisors can help you understand what your options are and when you should pursue legal action. Corporate law is extremely complicated, so unless you’re a lawyer or legal expert it’s hard to know when you can and should take action. It takes an astonishing amount of time, money and commitment to launch and maintain a successful corporate brand. Protect that investment by ensuring that your brand operates on a sound legal foundation.

This article is one part of a six-part series on specialty consultants that work in tandem with Mindspin, together growing your brand. The other areas of consultancy are: business plan, pricing strategy, sales strategy, market research and public relations.

A public relations consultant helps your business present well to the public.

How a PR Consultant Can Help Your Brand Gain Publicity

Regardless of industry, public relations is a useful connection between your brand, potential customers and the media.

Bridging the gap between internal and external perception, a PR consultant can generate attention, interest and acceptance to your corporate brand through various tactics.

Community Involvement and Passion

Sharing your passion and community involvement is a rewarding part of any branding strategy. Articles, press releases, interviews and events can announce and report on this. They help shape the public’s perception of your brand, creating a connection with your audience to grow your business. Written communications play a huge role in the public’s perception of your brand. From featured articles in relevant publications to press releases and everything in between, written word is often the primary resource to expose customers to your brand. Mindspin helps by clarifying your brand story in our creative brief process, and telling your brand story through various marketing materials, including brand identity, websites, social spaces, advertising and more. Mindspin also consults and writes your media releases, interviews and surveys, and releases them to various media sources. For more comprehensive PR needs, we may bring in a PR specialist appropriate to your specific circumstances.

Organizing Events

Part of a strong public relations strategy includes organizing events to promote your brand. Events are a great way to show people what your premium brand is all about by allowing the public to interact with your business. PR events can be as simple as a community barbecue or as complex as a social issue rally with thousands of attendees. These events are a great way to spread a positive message and sentiment about your brand, get to know your customers or share news about a product or story. Mindspin can design your event invitations, handouts, booths, signage, e-newsletters, surveys and other event marketing pieces, and a PR consultant can help you to plan, organize and run your events.

Media Relations

Relationships with various media outlets are key for maximizing your brand’s reach. A good public relations consultant has close and long-standing relationships with contacts at many local, regional and national media outlets to ensure that your message reaches the correct audience. Releases should be tailored to each publication in order to develop a message that appeals to different demographics.

Promotional Strategies

PR consultants have the expertise to help your business excite customers and increase public interest using promotional strategies. They are a great way to draw attention to your brand, and can be executed in a variety of ways. Whether that involves sales promotions, promotional events, sponsorship or media coverage, promotional strategies are an effective way to spread your brand’s message.

Reputation and Crisis Management

Sometimes things can go wrong; an employee might have said the wrong thing or an ill-timed company action ends up under public scrutiny. A PR consultant can help manage the situation by advising on how to quickly remedy and respond to it.

Working Together to Build Your Company

Although it is often overlooked, PR is a valuable part of a comprehensive marketing plan. It’s another avenue to tell your already-crafted story to the world so that customers understand your intent, operation and vision. Mindspin consults with many businesses, from small boutique brands to premier international brands, delivering branding and design services, building the custom team that you need.

This article is one part of a six-part series on specialty consultants that work in tandem with Mindspin, together growing your brand. The other areas of consultancy are: business plan, pricing strategy, sales strategy, market research and legal.

A market research consultant looks deep into data, markets and history.

How a Market Research Consultant Can Help You Uncover Your Brand’s Potential

Market research gives you marketing intel and helps you develop better business plans and marketing strategies.

Your Brand’s Market Share Potential

One benefit of market research is that you’ll understand your brand’s market share potential. Market share potential represents the percentage of your industry’s total sales that could be earned by your company over the coming years.

A market research consultant will firstly help you measure your company’s potential in your particular market, giving you a clear understanding of the “meaning” your customers have assigned to your brand. Secondly they can help you understand the implications of that meaning. Their expertise is invaluable in formulating the questions to ask your target audience, as these are the key to understanding what your true market share potential will be. Without this information, you may be steering your business blindly, and if your competitors do have this information, you might find yourself outmanoeuvred.

Important Questions

In a highly competitive market, there must be a demand for what you are selling, and to penetrate the market, you need to be very clear about who your target audience is. Quality market research will answer questions such as:

  • Who are the targeted customers?
  • What do customers need or want?
  • When do customers purchase the product or service?
  • Where do customers purchase similar products or services?
  • Why do customers purchase similar products or services?

Your Optimal Market Segments

Digging deeper, market research can help identify specific market segments. Market segmentation is a strategic tool for improving the effectiveness of product and service targeting and messaging. By segmenting markets based on differences in customer characteristics and needs, companies have a better opportunity to identify product, service and company differentiators that will resonate with the target segment.

Elements of Market Research

Research takes a lot of time. Interestingly, a market research consultant may spend almost as much time formulating the questions for your market research as they will spend in analyzing the results of their surveys.

A market research process starts with gathering insight and strategic direction from key company stakeholders. Information may also be gleaned from your customer database and past research initiatives. Then, strategic research is conducted as a means of exploring consumer perceptions of brands, products and services by delving into subconscious beliefs and attitudes that drive behaviour. This often includes both qualitative and quantitative market research. Qualitative market research uses unstructured or semi-structured techniques to collect data. These can include individual interviews or group discussions. Quantitative market research typically includes customer surveys and questionnaires. These can be conducted face-to-face, over the telephone, via post or email or via a webform.

The final analysis based on the completed market research can help:

  • Establish the soundness of a venture
  • Develop a strategy and plan
  • Determine market needs
  • Monitor competitors
  • Find new opportunities
  • Identify potential challenges

Working Together to Build Your Company

Marketing research will help you solidify your business vision, allowing us to create the best strategically on-target brand story for your business. Mindspin can consult to provide foundational market research and reports for smaller businesses. For more in-depth research and recommendations, a specialized market research consultant could be the answer.

This article is one part of a six-part series on specialty consultants that work in tandem with Mindspin, together growing your brand. The other areas of consultancy are: business plan, pricing strategy, sales strategy, public relations and legal.

A sales consultant helps you build your sales team, the people for whom we design marketing materials.

How a Sales Consultant Can Help More Customers Learn About Your Brand

Mindspin designs your brand identity and marketing tools. Sales consultants use these to build relationships with prospects and customers.

Even with a perfectly designed brand in place, your company may benefit from the expertise of a sales consultant. A sales consultant can help with your goal setting, relationship building and sales team building.

Choosing Optimal Short- and Long-term Goals

Without an established set of short- and long-term business goals, it’s hard to stay on focus of your brand as you move forward. An effective sales plan is built around your brand’s goals so that your sales team can tailor their approach to achieve key outcomes in your short- and long-term vision. By thinking deeply on and working toward achieving these goals, you can optimize operational efficiency. A sales consultant can help with this and provides many benefits.

Improved Client Loyalty and Discovering New Market Segments

Many sales teams apply general sales tactics to every situation because they don’t know any better. In order to increase sales and help your brand reach its potential, your sales strategy must address the needs of your customers. A sales consultant can pinpoint how each of your departments can cater to their needs, increasing client loyalty and boosting revenue. They can help understand the particulars of your audience segments and shed light on new market segments.

Building Relationships

Any brand needs to be clear on who the customers are, what they think and are saying. A sales consultant can help acquire and document this data. Using this information, the sales consultant can determine ways to most efficiently maximize sales in finding new clients and with existing clients, as well as build healthy long-term relationships.

Understanding the Product and Shaping the Marketplace

A sales consultant will dig in deep to fully understand your product or service. They can clarify many important data sets such as the product benefits, answers to potential customer questions, and how it compares to competitor offerings and innovations. By keeping up to date with the industry, you can be a brand that helps shape the marketplace.

Motivating the Sales Team

Keeping the sales team happy involves having a clear sales plan in place and giving them great marketing tools to support their work. Mindspin helps with this by recommending sales tools and designing beautiful brand identities, creative literature, powerful websites and other marketing materials. A sales consultant can help by teaching the sales team how to incorporate these marketing tools into the sales process, and convert leads to sales through good communication, follow-up and positive attitude. This is where the sales consultant shines.

Working Together to Build Your Company

A clear sales process lays the groundwork for all future creative work, and elements of it will populate our creative briefs. Mindspin often consults to provide sales path and online sales funnel recommendations for its clients, which complements the efforts of your sales consultant and sales team. Developing an effective sales strategy requires extensive market knowledge, awareness of competitor activities and recognition of current trends to create a detailed business analysis. Business owners wishing to create and implement an effective sales strategy may want to consider hiring a sales strategy consultant to help streamline the process.

This article is one part of a six-part series on specialty consultants that work in tandem with Mindspin, together growing your brand. The other areas of consultancy are: business plan, pricing strategy, market research, public relations and legal.

A pricing strategy consultant helps you strategically price your products and services so we can market them.

How a Pricing Consultant Can Help Your Brand Compete

Pricing your products and services can be a difficult task. Pricing consultants can help analyze your brand in relation to the market to determine an ideal pricing strategy.

Potential Revenue

The marketing mix theory covers four very important factors in your business plan: product, price, promotion and place. While price is a primary factor for companies and consumers alike, it still remains a mystery to many. Regardless of the product or service you are selling, price is often a key determinant in the outcome of your sales for that year. Without the proper expertise you may be missing out on sales or potential revenue. A pricing consultant can help you determine the costs for your products or services in order for you to achieve specific goals beyond just increased profitability.

Optimal Price Target

Is your current price set to simply make the most on each transaction? What if a lower price per transaction led to a larger number of transactions? How about a price that increases profitability by deterring others from even entering the market? A pricing consultant optimizes your brand’s pricing according to what the market will pay, navigating the price toward specific pricing functions, leading to increased profitability. These additional pricing functions can often include increasing your market share or entering a new market.

Pricing Research

In determining your pricing strategy, a pricing consultant will take into account a variety of data that you may have not considered. The consultant will look at current pricing, volume, production and a number of other financial reports in order to determine a pricing strategy that will optimize your sales. The application of this information and its implementation into your current pricing scheme gives customers an opportunity to see the value of your product or service. A simple Internet search permits customers to compare prices from a variety of locations and companies. The ease of this search has increased the competition significantly, making it more difficult for companies to perfect a profitable pricing strategy.

Brand Positioning

In setting a pricing strategy, you choose from a variety of pricing models, from high-low pricing to premium pricing to target pricing, and a variety of other models from the pricing arsenal. Pricing impacts brand positioning in the mind of the consumer. Premium brands will have a different pricing strategy than value brands. In many cases, price is critical since consumer purchases often come down to them comparing the final numbers online. Determining an optimal price, which emerges through the gathering and studying of research data, helps your business maximize profit. Having a pricing consultant employ all of this knowledge to help your company make the most of every transaction is a big advantage.

Working Together to Build Your Company

Mindspin can consult to provide foundational pricing research and reports for smaller businesses. For more in-depth research and recommendations, a pricing consultant could be the answer. Given the broad range of information a pricing consultant would work with, and the precision of the consultant’s application of this knowledge, a pricing consultant can make a big impact on your brand’s growth and competitiveness.

This article is one part of a six-part series on specialty consultants that work in tandem with Mindspin, together growing your brand. The other areas of consultancy are: business plan, sales strategy, market research, public relations and legal.

Chef Nancy Henley, our client and an entrepreneur in the Hamilton area.

Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs in our Hamilton Community Share Their Stories

In honour of International Women’s Day, we wanted to take the time to appreciate the achievements of female entrepreneurs across the globe by featuring a few of our local clients.

Here at Mindspin, we enjoy working with amazing business leaders who help to make their communities better places to live. We’ve interviewed a few of our boutique brand clients, dynamic female entrepreneurs living doing what they love. We salute strength, creativity and passion as we present insights from these hardworking women entrepreneurs:

Brooke Shackleton
Evolve Pilates & Wellness

Brooke was in a serious car accident when she was 19, leaving her with significant, long-lasting injuries. She was introduced to Pilates and osteopathy as part of her recovery, and immediately acknowledged their power. Both treatments helped heal her injuries and revealed her passion for helping others. Knowing firsthand how difficult and challenging the road to recovery can be, the experience inspired her to pursue her own practice. Evolve Pilates & Wellness offers fun Pilates classes with very detailed attention to correct form and modifications, and osteopathy services – all right here in Hamilton.

What do you do to achieve a balance between your workplace and home life?

“It has taken me years to achieve balance between my work life and home life. When I first opened the business, I worked six to seven days per week from very early morning to late evening. I learned to say no to clients that wanted to book appointments during my breaks and my limited days off after burning myself out in my third year of business. I now make it a point to turn my phone alerts off (email, texts and phone calls) when I leave the studio for the day/evening. I never mix business with pleasure.”

What do you think will be the challenges successful women entrepreneurs will face in the future of business?

“I honestly feel that challenges women may face in the future of business will decline. I feel that women are becoming more and more innovative, and their autonomy in business is continuing to rise. I personally view any challenges that I face as building blocks to make me better and more equipped to face the next challenge that may arise.”

What is the best piece of advice you would like to give to up-and-coming entrepreneurs?

“You have to be willing to take risks and work outside of your comfort zone. You must be passionate about your work and, most importantly, you must believe in yourself and your product/service. Personal development is necessary to continue to grow and master your skills. My motto is ‘do one thing – and one thing only – really well before you branch out into other areas.’ ”

Michelle McDowell
Evolve Massage Yoga & Chiropractic

Evolve Massage Yoga & Chiropractic is the sister company to Evolve Pilates & Wellness. The businesses have a common goal in mind; to provide relaxation, rehabilitation and restoration of well-being. Evolve Massage Yoga & Chiropractic offers massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, Reiki, acupuncture, hot yoga and other wellness services in our city of Hamilton.

What made you decide to start your business/this career path?

“I wanted to start a family and be able to spend as much time as I possibly could with my children, and be able to have a flexible schedule where I could make my own hours.”

What person provides you with the most inspiration?

“My daughter. I want to be able to provide the best life for her so I work hard for her!”

What are the most important steps to take to achieve success in business?

“Education, training and having a background in what you are trying to achieve. Know-ing the business you are in, take small steps. You don’t have to overload yourself right away.”

What is the best piece of advice you would like to give to up-and-coming entrepreneurs?

“Work hard and never give up! It’s OK to make mistakes.”

Chef Nancy Henley (pictured above)
Tree House Kitchen

Fuelled by a burning passion for food and a love for empowering others to cook, Nancy began building Tree House Kitchen in Dundas. Via this food literacy company, Nancy aims to improve the abilities and lives of home cooks through her comprehensive knowledge of food, cooking and nutrition. A growing resource for cooking videos, articles and recipes, think of Tree House Kitchen as your virtual chef mentor.

What struggles did you have when trying to achieve your goals?

“As a successful female entrepreneur, I have had all sorts of struggles. You name it, my company has had it, on a small scale. All my struggles honed my understanding of my customers, my services, my brand, my community, my place within my family and my path.”

What are the most important steps to take to achieve success in business?

“I am a strong believer in both education and on-the-job training plus self-directed study. I also support my employees taking time in all these lines of study to reach their fullest potential.”

What is the best piece of advice you would like to give to up-and-coming entrepreneurs?

“Don’t forget your meaning of success and the values for yourself and your company that must be part of success. If these meanings are ill-defined or not revisited they can undermine your focus, strength and brand, and undervalue phases of learning and growth.”

We’ve also included our own Tanja Groos, founder of Mindspin, here to share a few thoughts:

Tanja Groos
Mindspin Studio

A passion for problem solving and creating beauty led Tanja to launch Mindspin, a brand storytelling specialty shop that specializes in branding, websites and marketing. Mindspin has been a partner to many of its clients for more than a decade, flexibly adapting as they expand. Tanja is an artist, exhibiting regularly in Hamilton and beyond, creating original and commissioned paintings.

Did you have a mentor or strong supporter?

“I have learned a lot from my dad and my clients. My dad’s very sharp mind helped him to successfully accomplish what he set out to do. Working with hundreds of businesses over many years, I have been able to see which attitudes and corporate cultures propel companies, and which hold them back. I’ve also seen firsthand that there is no single definition of a successful business. That we all have our own dreams to follow and our own ways to help our communities.”

What do you do to unwind and reset?

“As Creative Thinker and artist, I crave new experiences, insights and perspectives. To satisfy this craving, I learn new sports/arts/activities and read daily, often on the subjects of psychology and wellness. Travelling to other countries and engaging with people who have different experiences and viewpoints is a great creativity generator. Fitness and meditation are fantastic ways to keep mindful through it all.”

Celebrating Together

Successful women entrepreneurs are making an impact all around the world, and their work continues to inspire us every day. International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Working together to accelerate gender parity makes the world a better place for everyone.

A business plan consultant helps your business start with a good strategy so we can market it.

How a Business Plan Consultant Can Help Build Your Corporate Strategy

A sound business plan can provide clarity during the launch of a new brand or the evolution of an existing one. A clear business plan helps inform our creative brief phase, so that we can strategically envision how to best build your brand.

Many boutique and premium brands possess massive earnings potential, and their flexible nature allows them to reach it by adapting to market trends. However, without the proper strategy and expertise to produce a sound business model, your brand may plateau. Whether you’re the president or marketing manager, there comes a time when you may need to consider hiring a business plan consultant. Here’s how a business plan consultant can help your boutique brand reach its potential.

Impartial Perspective

Regardless of your current role in the operation, working closely with a boutique brand creates a bond that’s often hard to overlook. Your perspective on goals, issues, strategies and how to get there are all shaped by your close relationship to your brand, limiting your ability to pinpoint problem areas. Business plan consultants offer a fresh perspective on your brand that may change the way your brand moves forward. Whether it’s an additional revenue stream or a shift in organizational culture, an outside perspective can help lay the proper groundwork for future growth.

Business Knowledge

Business plan consultants likely have expertise that you don’t. While you may have had success building and maintaining your brand, strategic planning and operations management are no walk in the park. Business plan consultants have studied, developed, implemented and analyzed multiple corporate strategies, and it is their job and responsibility to arm your brand for success as it grows.

Critical Analysis

Even if you’ve had success growing your brand and becoming profitable, it can be difficult to identify strengths and weaknesses without the proper tools and knowledge. A business plan consultant knows how to analyze your financials, revenue streams, structure and processes to determine the best plan for your brand. After a careful analysis, they can help set benchmarks to track performance and streamline your business plan.

Teaching Best Practices

Business plan consultants have the experience and knowledge to shape your operation from bottom to top. Whether your brand thrives off a small team of committed individuals or requires multiple levels and divisions of employees and international offices, training is key to your brand’s success. After analysis and benchmarking, business plan consultants can train your staff on industry best practices to align with your newfound business plan.

Working Together to Build Your Company

At the end of the day, no amount of branding, website development and content creation can save a poorly structured operation. A sound foundation is essential to your brand’s success, and without it you risk falling behind your competition. A well-researched business plan gives you that foundation and solid business vision. Mindspin delivers branding and design services that build on the solid business vision that our clients have. This business vision is communicated to us in the creative strategy phase of each project, and enables a highly strategic, creative deliverable.

This article is one part of a six-part series on specialty consultants that work in tandem with Mindspin, together growing your brand. The other areas of consultancy are: pricing strategy, sales strategy, market research, public relations and legal.

All businesses, even small- and mid-size ones, can use digital marketing to attract customers.

Digital Advertising for Boutique Brands


As social media channels continue to develop their digital advertising platforms, boutique brands are gaining access to powerful tools traditionally limited to big business. Here, we look at two of the best.

AdWords Advertising

With 75% of all global searches conducted on Google, the advertising potential of the world’s favourite search engine is staggering. A well-designed AdWords advertisement could lead to a significant increase in traffic, leads and sales.

That said, coming to grips with Google’s online advertising platform takes some time. Those who use the Keyword Planner for SEO research have a distinct advantage, but running a profitable pay-per-click (PPC) campaign will require some serious research for most boutique brand owners.

Advantages of AdWords

Google is a whiz at collecting data, so it should come as no surprise that you can track almost any aspect of your campaign. It can get a little confusing if you’re new to the platform, which is why we recommend focusing on three key measures:

  1. Click Through Rate (CTR): Divide clicks by impressions to get a measure of how well your advertising content is working, and whether people are interested enough to click on it.
  2. Conversion Rate: Divide clicks by conversions to find how many of the people who follow your advertisement end up making a purchase. This is a key metric for determining how much you should spend per click.
  3. Cost per Click (CPC): This is your total cash outlay for each click made. Simply divide the dollars you spend by the number of clicks your advertisement received to find it.

If this all sounds a bit complicated and you’re not sure where to start, then check out our content marketing packages and let the experts at Mindspin set up, write and manage your campaign for you.

Facebook Advertising

While PPC provides exposure to a wide array of motivated buyers, social media advertising offers the opportunity to target a very small demographic.

Facebook Advertising is one of the best platforms there is for this. It represents a great way to introduce your premium brand to warm leads.

Advantages of Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising comes into its own targeting specific demographics. There are a number of tools on the platform that are invaluable for this:

Lookalike audiences: Use the likes and interests of people on your current mailing list to find and target similar users.

Targeted Individuals: If your knowledge is more advanced and you’re familiar with the pixel feature (a tracking device), you can choose to advertise to just those users who have had specific interactions with your brand — i.e., people who have downloaded your app or who have visited your site recently.

Connections: One of the best ways to narrow your reach is to display your advertisement to friends of people who have already liked your page. The advertisements include a “person x and y like this page” notification, which adds instant appeal and social proof to your advertising efforts.

Online Advertising

Paid online advertising can introduce your brand to an entirely new audience. With the power to drive traffic to your website, enhance brand awareness and increase conversions, AdWords and Facebook advertising platforms both offer significant SEO and digital marketing benefits.

Used together, these channels offer huge advantages to boutique and premium brands. Contact Mindspin today and discover the difference an effective cross-channel advertising campaign can make to your business.

Person researching and writing for a content writing and blog writing service.

A Corporate Content and Blog Writing Service Can Rejuvenate Your Brand

Person researching and writing for a content writing and blog writing service.

The written content that is featured in your brand assets — literature, website, newsletters, social media posts and advertisements — is an important part of your marketing strategy. Written messages define your business and tell those who form your market what they can expect. If you have a seamless strategy where every element is consistent, you are more likely to succeed.

A content and blog writing service will keep your written content active and ongoing, and your brand alive and noticed.

Naming a Company, Product or Service

The right company, product or service name can set you apart and evoke an image It will start every communication you have with your audience and it will bear the reputation of your brand. A magnetic and distinctive name will be planted firmly in the mind of the consumer.

Writing a Meaningful Tagline

A tagline is a short statement that conveys the brand promise. It positions and differentiates your company. A great tagline is inspiring and bravely unique, and it hints at an intriguing story. It doesn’t try to please everyone and it isn’t another version of a generic phrase used by all of your competitors. It touches on what matters to your audience.

Writing Brochures, Sales Literature and White Papers

Brochures and other sales literature are important tools in your marketing toolbox. Clearly crafted product descriptions, case studies and company profiles entice buyers to take the next step in the sales cycle. Well-written literature reinforces your company’s credibility and can provide detailed information in a comfortable-to-read format. Digital PDF versions can enrich your website with easy-to-print content. Whitepaper pdfs can reward those who take a desired action, such as signing up for your newsletter. Print versions provide a tactile, hands-on, leave-behind image of professionalism that the digital world can’t.

Attention-grabbing Email Campaigns

Email is a useful tool to share information with the people in your willing audience; it can offer them new content announcements, product updates, event communications, transactional messages, newsletters, lead-generation campaigns and personalized audience-segment campaigns. Whatever the content, effective marketing email is based on a clear strategy and great writing. The subject line and headline must attract attention, and the body text must maintain that attention through to the call to action.

Writing Advertisements

Increased brand exposure and sales are the two primary benefits of effective advertising. A well-written advertising campaign captures attention quickly with a strategic headline, motivational body copy, strong design and visual elements. The tone will focus on benefits rather than features, addressing the desires and wants of target customers in clear language, all while whetting their appetite for information. A good ad will finish with a clear call to action that makes it easy for readers to respond.

Writing Websites and Blog Articles

Clear and intriguing website copy will have visitors browsing your website, learning about your offerings and taking action. Conversely, a website that is full of errors, inconsistent voices and tones, and boring “me, me, me” text is going to drive away sales. Your website’s blog offers a strategic opportunity to establish your firm as an expert in your niche. Fresh and ongoing blog articles can turn “likes” into love for your brand. And remember, Google determines the relevance of your website based on your content. Relevant and new content is key to achieving a respectable search-engine ranking and attracting new audiences.

Writing for Social Marketing

The quality of your social-media content and conversations determines how people will perceive your brand. As another extension of your brand story, the writing in your social spaces should have the same voice as your other marketing touchpoints. It’s important to write in a timely manner and write thoughtfully, in response to both positive and negative feedback.

Rejuvenating Your Brand

Mindspin’s corporate content and blog writing service breathes life into your brand by keeping it fresh, relevant and on-target. True to your brand story, a cohesive written message across all channels positions your business as a leader in its niche.