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Referrals To Mindspin Can Be Highly Rewarding

Your referrals benefit by having their brand empowered to grow their business. In the meantime, you earn a reward.

Referring is easiest for entrepreneurs, speakers, industry experts and associations that often connect with business owners and marketing managers. Together with relevant connections, having experience working with Mindspin makes making referrals the natural thing to do. Also, don’t forget to keep us updated on your efforts.

To clarify, a referral is completed when a services agreement is signed. Of course, referrals do not include companies with which Mindspin is already engaging.

Share the love! Everyone wins!

Strategic Consultants

Are you an expert in a complementary field?

Mindspin gives its best to its clients. We want our client’s businesses to succeed. As a result, when we recognize their need for additional business expertise, we refer consultants. Our consultancy network covers:

  • Market research (Extensive marketplace fact finding.)
  • Pricing and value (Strategic pricing structures.)
  • Sales (Solid sales processes and team management.)
  • Public relations (Healthy business reputation, public speaking coaching and media relationship management.)
  • Legal and trademarks (Protected brand assets.)

Are you a forward-thinking expert in one of these fields? Do you consistently provide world-class service? If so, please talk to us.