We’d rather be designing than selling!

Referrals To Mindspin Can Be Highly Rewarding

Your referrals* will benefit from proven brand storytelling expertise that inspires – and you’ll earn extra money with little effort.

This opportunity will bring the most success to people, speakers, industry experts, and associations who have experienced Mindspin and/or who regularly come into contact with business owners and marketing managers. Be sure to remind us of your wish to be recognized for your referral.

*A referral occurs when Mindspin accepts a contract to provide services to a customer referred to Mindspin by you. Referrals do not include any customer whose contact information is already within Mindspin’s customer database, or a potential customer database(s), and who has been in contact with a Mindspin representative at any time during the previous 18 months.


Bring us on board for responsive and reliable as-needed creative and technical services

Mindspin can help fill temporary gaps in staffing or expertise. For a fraction of the cost of interviewing, hiring, and training another employee, we give you a whole team to support your marketing projects.

Strategic Consultants

Are you an industry leading expert in a complimentary field?

Mindspin gives its best to its clients. Sometimes this means recognizing their need for other supportive business expertise and referring consultants to them. Our consultancy network covers:

  • Market research (For solid facts on the market state and competitiveness, and demand for what is being sold.)
  • Pricing and value consultancy (For market-smart pricing of what is being sold.)
  • Sales consultancy (For solid sales strategies, processes and teams.)
  • PR consultancy (For solid business reputation and media relationships.)
  • Legal and trademark advisory (For protection of brand assets.)
  • App developer

If you are a forward-thinking expert in one of these fields that consistently gives world-class service, talk to us.

Have another idea?

Mindspin is also accepting proposals for other partnership ideas. Please send a detailed inquiry letter to grow@mindspinstudio dot com for our consideration.