Customer Connection Through Strategic Creative Thinking

The idea that your product or service can speak for itself is a romantic notion, but it just doesn’t hold true these days when there might be a hundred similar products to choose from. Strategic creative thinking on your brand story is essential.

As a business owner or executive, you know that your customers are the ones that keep your business alive. You must repeatedly win them over to gain their loyalty, and your marketing strategy must be all about them. With increased accessibility and globalization, it’s much harder to stand out in a crowd − even in niche domains. This is where strategic creative thinking really shines.

Building a Brand Story

Engaging your customer at an emotional level is what works in the long-term. Building a strong, emotional relationship with your audience requires your brand to have a specific personality − one that wont necessarily connect with everyone. The best marketing has a selective audience even at the cost of turning away some business. Forget trying to appeal to everyone; the idea is to become known as an expert in your niche. Once you begin to consistently attract your ideal customer, your business will operate more efficiently and you will be able to charge more for your expertise, thus yielding higher profits.

What is the profile of your dream client? Who is your competition and how are they positioned? Is your dream client aware of you? Focusing on your audience is the key to building a brand identity that is relatable and desirable. Focus on your audience and you will win their loyalty.

Emotional Connection Through Strategic Creative Branding

There is very little value in ignoring your brand story. Slapping together design templates, marketing reactively and trying to attract everyone will result in generic branding and you won’t connect with your desired customer. At Mindspin, we think about your brand personality and brand story so that your ideal prospect will feel confident that you will make their lives better and they will want to contact you. We try to think like your dream client − feel what they feel and care about what they might care about.

As a business owner, look at what this type of investment in your business will mean for you. When people search online for the services your business offers, do you stand out as the clear choice over your competitors? What would it be worth to you to drop some of your smaller, short-term, lower-profit clients and replace them with some larger, long-term, higher-profit clients?

Your branding comes alive when it’s backed by strategic creative thinking.