Brand Experience Audits

Uncover what’s working and what can be improved.

Your brand extends beyond your logo and website. It reaches into the experience that customers have through the entire purchase and product-use cycle. Mindspin delivers candid brand experience audits of events, venues, products and services. Firstly, we’ll attend your event, visit your venue, use your product or try your service. Then, we’ll record the experience including positive instances, as well as negative. Finally, we’ll present helpful ideas and recommendations that can improve customer experience and brand loyalty.

Why would you want to have a brand experience audit on your service or product? In short, good marketing alone can’t make a business successful. It isn’t enough to just look and sound good. Moreover, attracting new customers is more expensive than growing existing ones. It’s important to get to the truth around some fundamental business questions. From the outside perspective, is every interaction an outstanding experience? If customers are not feeling the love, then improvements to service may be critical. Is your brand personality evident in your office or store? If your environment is not engaging, then it can dissolve brand loyalty. Is the product living up to the promise? Happy customers show off the products they love. Detecting and correcting areas for improvement in your business sets the foundation for successful marketing achievements. To that end, here are some ideas on how Mindspin can help:

  • Product testing, review and reporting
  • Service testing, review and reporting
  • Software audits
  • Experience reporting and recommendations
  • Branding, design and website audits
  • Written communications audits
  • Photo and video shoot creative direction and review
  • Online directory listing audits and updates

Not everyone can deliver an impartial brand experience audit. Staff is so immersed in the organization that they can’t always see outside the box. Of course, friends and clients can’t help but be polite. Mindspin has an unbiased eye. We uncover new insights. Moreover, we provide a neutral opinion backed by entrepreneurial experience, critical thinking and big picture perspective.

“The way in which Mindspin handled the entire process has been fantastic. After this is done I would like you to immediately consult with us regarding our next project.”

“The value of our website to our customers has improved 100%. It’s given our property a higher level of visibility. And the content management system is very usable from our end. Communication is timely and fantastic, and it’s always a very positive experience dealing with you.”

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