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How a Legal Advisor Can Protect Your Brand

Some brands don’t understand the value of a legal advisor until it’s too late. Protect your brand by planning ahead. Protecting Your Brand Assets When you hire Mindspin to write your company names, product names and taglines, and design your logos, tagline, and product aesthetics, you are acquiring your first brand assets. Protecting these assets […]

How a PR Consultant Can Help Your Brand Gain Publicity

Regardless of industry, public relations is a useful connection between your brand, potential customers and the media. Bridging the gap between internal and external perception, a PR consultant can generate attention, interest and acceptance to your corporate brand through various tactics. Community Involvement and Passion Sharing your passion and community involvement is a rewarding part […]

How a Market Research Consultant Can Help You Uncover Your Brand’s Potential

Market research gives you marketing intel and helps you develop better business plans and marketing strategies. Your Brand’s Market Share Potential One benefit of market research is that you’ll understand your brand’s market share potential. Market share potential represents the percentage of your industry’s total sales that could be earned by your company over the […]

How a Sales Consultant Can Help More Customers Learn About Your Brand

Mindspin designs your brand identity and marketing tools. Sales consultants use these to build relationships with prospects and customers. Even with a perfectly designed brand in place, your company may benefit from the expertise of a sales consultant. A sales consultant can help with your goal setting, relationship building and sales team building. Choosing Optimal […]

How a Pricing Consultant Can Help Your Brand Compete

Pricing your products and services can be a difficult task. Pricing consultants can help analyze your brand in relation to the market to determine an ideal pricing strategy. Potential Revenue The marketing mix theory covers four very important factors in your business plan: product, price, promotion and place. While price is a primary factor for […]

Digital Advertising for Boutique Brands

As social media channels continue to develop their digital advertising platforms, boutique brands are gaining access to powerful tools traditionally limited to big business. Here, we look at two of the best. AdWords Advertising With 75% of all global searches conducted on Google, the advertising potential of the world’s favourite search engine is staggering. A […]

A Corporate Content and Blog Writing Service Can Rejuvenate Your Brand

The written content that is featured in your brand assets — literature, website, newsletters, social media posts and advertisements — is an important part of your marketing strategy. Written messages define your business and tell those who form your market what they can expect. If you have a seamless strategy where every element is consistent, […]